Should the Church of England really be taking a lead from Lord Stephen Green?

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A report in the Church Times - the organ of the Church of England - has been drawn to my attention. It says:

A RADICAL overhaul of the Church of England's leadership is under way.

The Church Times has seen the report, Talent Management for Future Leaders and Leadership Development for Bishops and Deans: A new approach, prepared by a steering group chaired by Prebendary the Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint, the former HSBC chairman. It speaks of a "culture change for the leadership of the Church".

I do seriously doubt the wisdom of the Church of England on this issue. Stephen Green is a CoE minister, former UK trade minister but more importantly, was the chair of HSBC at the time that it undertook acts relating to tax evasion in Switzerland (where he was chair of its private bank, so cannot avoid responsibility) for which it has been fined billions of pounds and now faces prosecution in a number of countries. As a result he hardly seems like the man to advise the Church on anything but the need for deep penitence, a withdrawal from public life and the necessity of acts of redemption.

I am aware that many doubt the wisdom of his report in the context of the Church's work. I hope their voices are heard.

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