Citizenship as a moral ideal

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As far as I know I have never met Dr Simon Duffy, the Director of The Centre for Welfare Reform. I have a feeling I would enjoy doing so.

What I can say is that he has written an amazing blog under the above title, which I came across via a tweet (and I can't find who by now: sorry) yesterday. I strongly recommend reading it as a whole.

It is also full of some really good one liners, such as:

The ideal of citizenship lies submerged in our basic obligation to take care of the stranger even when they do not seem a citizen


A community that defines itself by its existing members and which jealously guards its boundaries will become sterile and incapable of valuing even its own members


Imagine a person free of all duties and you imagine someone who is utterly disconnected. The structure of our duties describes the framework within which the good life is lived.
Agree or disagree, this blog is worth reading.

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