Advance notice: I am out of action from Friday

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This will be an odd working week as on Friday I will (all going well) finally have the operation to remove my gall bladder. After being hospitalised by it twice earlier this year before then having what seemed like endless tests that suggested I was fit in just about every other way so that the gall bladder had to be the cause of the problem I am hoping that this will remove what might reasonably be called a pain.

With luck I will have keyhole surgery and not be out of action for long but have been warned that luck may not be with me as the gall bladder has been giving me quite a bit of aggravation which suggests more conventional surgery will be needed and I will be out for longer.

Either way I will not be on normal duties for a bit from Friday. I may blog, because asking me to stop writing is akin to asking me to stop breathing (in April I blogged from my hospital bed and see no reason to break the pattern this time, especially if I have to stay in) but I admit I have never had surgery before and am told my optimism may be misplaced. We'll see.

What I am pretty sure about is that things will be slower than normal and that delays in comment moderation ( about which some right wingers occasionally get aggressive) may well be commonplace. And I am afraid I may not be able to help journalists much whilst out of action and am also trying to clear existing work commitments this week. Your understanding would be appreciated.

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