Cameron’s appalling example

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Those who read this blog will know that I am am not deeply impressed by David Cameron. He's not the only politician for whom I have little regard, but Cameron comes high on my list of those politicians who do not just promote policies I do not like, but are incompetent as well.

Take his attitude towards paying the additional payment demanded by the EU from the UK. The terms under which this are due have been signed up to by the UK. They were known about. Warning of the increase was given. The obligation had been noted by the Treasury. The payment due is an obligation and not an option. But because he hadn't thought through the consequences of the UK's so called growth and because he has no attention for detail Cameron was caught out on the issue and so went deeply red, screamed and shouted, threw toys out of his pram and is now in the embarrassing position that sometime soon he will realise he is now on the naughty step with no chance of any outcome bar a humiliating climb down.

If he'd really believed in the strength of the UK economy and the growth he's so keen to talk about (which none but a few see the benefit of) he'd have trumpeted this as a success. And he'd have made the point the UK can afford to pay when others can't. And he'd have promoted that as being all down to his economic policies. But he didn't so I have to come to three conclusions.

First, he does not believe in the growth.

Second, he does not understand the consequences of his economic policies.

Third, he remains at his core the Bullingdon boy who thinks that as a member of an elite he can bully his way out of any situation he gets himself into that he does not like simply by stamping his feet and using his social status to dismiss obligations as things that need only bother 'the little people'.

He's wrong, of course. Europe does not recognise the Bullingdon. They have contempt for his social skills. They think, quite rightly, that the rules they've made were put in place by agreement and that they have to be complied with. And they can treat him like a fool because they know they have the power of law behind them, and unlike in the UK, being in the elite will not put Cameron above the law in this case - much as he clearly thinks that is the normal course of events.

Cameron's been rumbled as the incompetent bully he really is. For that we have to thank the EU.