Tax justice at the Class Conference on Saturday

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The Class Conference on Saturday includes the following session:


Tax justice at the heart of a fair economy

Time: 2.15 — 3.30pm

Venue: TUC Congress House, 23-28 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS

Chair: Stefan Stern

Speakers: Prem Sikka; Margaret Hodge MP; Richard Murphy; Ann Pettifor

The brief for the session says:


If we are to achieve a fairer economy it is clear that progressive taxation it is urgently needed. Action is needed to combat tax avoidance and worse, tax evasion. Big corporations are avoiding their civic duty to pay tax, and the millions they withhold could make a significant contribution to funding our public services. Yet the main concern of many politicians is to outbid their rivals with tax cuts for the rich and engaging in a race to the bottom on corporation tax. How do we reverse this pattern and build a fair tax system that supports the many and not just the few at the top?

This session will debate:

- What concrete policies are needed at national and international level to ensure corporations and the 1% pay their dues?

- What would a new and more redistributive tax system look like and is it realistic?

- How much can be achieved quickly?


I gather tickets are still available, here. See you there?