Denied the chance: generation rent

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I noticed two articles in the Guardian that related to pleasures that matter to me.

One discusses the therapeutic value of owning a dog. I do have a dog - a cocker spaniel called Hector (yes, the Inspector, for those old enough to remember). He spends a lot of time in my office.

And the other topic was gardening. On many occasions my garden (I say mine because I am the person who looks after it in the household) is my therapy. I prune and weed when needing a break. Sometimes I do such things when on the phone.

Both add to my life. And those forced to rent are often told 'no pets', whilst committing to a garden is hard when you have no idea how long you'll stay. The whole act of gardening is a statement of long term hope.

In The Courageous State I wrote about my belief in the need for a balanced life, and the need to achieve our potential materially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually (which is not the same as religiously). Insecure and restrictive tenancies hinder that possibility.

We need to provide better, more secure, and affordable housing if we are to deliver anything like an acceptable quality of life to people in this country. Building gardens, letting people have pets, and the chance to relax are essential parts of that equation.