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Nuanced is an interesting word.  Nuance is, of course, a noun meaning ‘a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound’ whilst nuanced is the related verb meaning ‘to give nuance to’.

Why does this matter? It came up in discussion of Labour’s tax policy yesterday. I welcomed this as a nuanced document that gave meaning and contextual understanding to previous comments where, in my opinion, both principle and even policy had  been hard to find.

As Maurice Glasman said on Radio 4 yesterday, announcements from Labour over the last few days have forced him to change his position on whether or not Labour is building a narrative. I do not think that Labour has delivered that complete narrative on tax as yet, but then the recent document only focused on business tax and related issues within the tax gap. But ,over the last week, their nuanced announcements have improved understanding and whilst I would like more, I think what we have now is significantly better than we had a week ago and begins to lay the foundation for the more informed tax debate that I hope happens over the next 10 months.

Nuanced policy matters, quite a lot, I think.