Tax avoidance is welcome with UKIP

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The Guardian reports this morning that:

Most forms of legal tax avoidance are ok, says Nigel Farage

Now, I'll admit that working out quite what that means when the question was ion the context of payments made to his private company is hard to ascertain with any certainty - as is usually the case with Farage unless Europe and immigration or the subject of debate. But, in general, the tone of Farage's comments suggest that the Guardian have almost certainly got this one right - on which case so have I in my headline for this piece.

Compare this if you will with the following:

We do need a debate in this country, not only what is against the law - that’s tax evasion, that is against the law, that’s illegal and if you do that the Inland Revenue will come down on you like a tonne of bricks - but what is unacceptable in terms of really aggressive tax avoidance.

“Because some people say to me, ‘Well, it’s all within the law; you’re obeying the law, it’s okay'. Well, actually there are lots of things that are within the law [that] we don’t do because actually we have some moral scruples about them and I think we need this debate about tax too.

"I’m not asking people to pay massive rates of tax. We’ve got a low top rate of income tax now; we’ve got a low rate of corporation tax now; we are a fair tax country. But I think it’s fair then to say to business, you know, we’re playing fair by you; you’ve got to play fair by us.

That was David cameron in January 2013. The difference is Cameron did not mean it, and has not delivered so far - despite the rhetoric. Perhaps Farage was saying what he meant.