New data on self employed income: they enjoy 50.6% of median earnings

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The government published new data on the income of the self employed, employed and pensioners last week. The information was by constituency; I have, to make it manageable, made it regional, and to give you a chance of reading it taken out pension data and information on tax paid (although the whole regional table is at the bottom if you want to look at it: click to make it bigger):

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 11.36.20

I sorted the data on total median income.

This data could withstand a lot of scrutiny but let's just touch on the obvious. First, median self employed income is on average (and it varies little) half of median employed income. There are three options: the self employed don't declare half their income, or this differential is fact, or something between the two.

Second, the mean income of the self employed in London (those many politicians will meet) is 82% of mean income. This is totally aberrant compared to the rest of the UK as a ratio and by amount. In some constituencies that mean is over £80,000 income. The result is politicians think the self-employed are having a great time.

Actually, all those new self employed jobs are worse than poverty income for most.

This is deeply troubling.

There's more on this issue here.

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