A soul sold to the devil of money grubbing is no basis for an English state

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If I was Scottish I would vote for independence. David Cameron's performance - bizarrely staged in an apparently empty stadium - would only confirm why. This is not a head issue. It's a heart one. All big decisions are. And when you've been neglected for longer than you can remember, and your values gave been dismissed by those whom you wish to leave for almost as long of course you would want to leave.

Some think that reports from the Bank of England, NIESR and others will persuade Scots that economically this makes no sense. That just shows how corrupted neoliberal thinking has become. That's firstly because confidence in macro-economy forecasting is rightly at an all time low and secondly because such concepts as the right to determine your own future are almost impossible to price. For most economists that makes the issue incomprehensible.

So why wouldn't I vote yes if given the chance? One thing only would hold me back, and that's Scottish politicians refusal to believe on independence. You can't be independent of London and be ruled by the Bank of England. And events have shown that you can't be on Europe's periphery and be in the Euro. If Scotland is to say yes it musy have the courage of its convictions.

Scottish independence will be problematic. So too was Ireland's a century ago. It could be argued it still is. But is there anyone from Donefal to Wexford who argues they want to rejoin the Union? I very much doubt it. It will be the same from the Borders to the Highlands within a generation if Scotland votes yes. The idea that there might ever have been an alternative will have been forgotten.

No, the problem is for England (not least when Wales and Northern Ireland make clear where they stand). When the last vestiges of dominion are stripped bare what then will be left? A soul sold to the devil of money grubbing, I suspect. And that is no basis for a nation state.