The Gagging Law

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The Gagging Bill effectively became the Gagging Law last night when the House of Lords tied a vote and so the law that seeks to end free speech for NGOs, trade unions, charities and others became UK law.

The law as it will be enacted is a hotch-potch of that proposed because of amendments made to it. I confess that right now I  have little clear idea of whether or not it will directly impact upon this blog.

I will be seeking advice. What I will not do is submit quietly. I suspect I will not be alone. In that there is some comfort, but have no doubt at all that some major NGOs, run by worried trustees with much to lose, will succumb to legal risks that the law will create and will fall silent as the election approaches, just when they should be acting as the voice for those who are not heard in the UK. And that, I am sure, is the intention of this ghastly law.