Dear Daily Telegraph, Don’t tax me or else, Sincerely, A Businessman

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I note a letter in the Telegraph this morning which seems to go something like this:

Dear Sir,

We are concerned to see Ed Balls and the Labour Party calling for higher taxes on businesses and business people.

We don't like this, at all. We think Ed Balls is being mean and beasty and nasty and is just a jealous little man. 

As a result we're going to punish Ed Balls if he does this by cancelling the investment he wants us to make in the UK even though our shareholders will suffer as a result.  

What's more, we'll shift some jobs abroad as well. Most of them will be for those polishing the brass plaques on our new tax haven headquarters.

Now get really frightened.

Your sincerely

I think I've got that right.

There will be plenty more of these by May 2015.