30 years of fracking. Is that it?

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As the Guardian notes:

Shale gas has the potential to meet all UK gas needs for 30 years, David Cameron said as he accused some opponents of fracking of being irrational and "religious" in their opposition.

3o years. Is that it? Then what? Is it irrational to ask? I do so because at 55 even I have a fair chance of seeing fracking out on this basis, and I'm already well into the top half of the population by age.

Forgive me if you think it's irrational to make the point, but I don't think it is.

Fracking, its merits and demerits apart, does seem increasingly like the last gasp of those dedicated to carbon to fry the planet. And for that reason alone it's rational to ask why it is that we think it so important and why the bigger question, which is "what's next?", isn't the one at the top of the agenda.