Thank heavens – ideology is back in politics

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This is in an FT email this morning:

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Now the article is by Janan Ganesh, for whom I have little time, so I'm not suggesting it's a great thing to read, but the headline is itself telling.

First, after thirty plus years it seems shocking to some that politics should be about ideology. Og course it should! It's about who gets what in society. That's why it is always down to economics in the end.

Second, Labour is allowed to rock the boat, and yet it seems like effrontery to some that it might. Of course Blair did not, as we know. And there are many in Labour who still would not, which is to its shame, and theirs since its whole job is to rock the boat. But the fact that it might still shocks some in the establishment.

Those who think this odd might need to read Gideon Rachman's article, trailed in the same mail which has this headline:

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As he concludes:

[W]hile new political movements are not yet ready to smash the established parties in the west, mainstream politicians are having to react to the new economic climate. Rising inequality is increasing the pressure for more redistributive taxes and higher minimum wages on both sides of the Atlantic. Another decade of western economic malaise – or, God forbid, another financial crisis – is likely to see more radical solutions and politicians emerging.

He's right.

The question is, what will they look like? The struggle is on.....