Ernst & Young object to my tweeting this morning

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As Transfer Pricing Weekly have reported this morning, Ernst & Young objected to my live tweeting from the OECD earlier today.

I was commenting on a session on country-by-country reporting during which I had already spoken when EY raised their objection.

No doubt EY did not like my references to them - but given that they do have a public position opposing country-by-country reporting I think my comments were entirely fair.

What this really shows is the paranoia pervading big business and their advisers about the need for secrecy - something I oppose. What it also shows is that they are frightened of the consequences of the civil society demand for accountability - but seeking to silence it is not the way forward. And nor will we be silenced. The reform of international tax has arisen, at least in part, as a result if the demands of civil society and we are not giving up now.