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Internet trolling has reached new lows.

I make no pretence that I suffer the abuse many do on social media. But I do know many who suffer from misogynist, racist, homophobic and other attacks in many forms of social media. And like many people I am shocked and appalled by such behaviour.

And I am also aware of blogs that encourage abuse and intolerance as a matter of course. That may not be the same as the sort of abuse now attracting attention but let's not pretend it s much more than one stage removed from it. The encouragement of hatred and intolerance is a violent form of politics incompatible with democracy, social harmony and respect whatever it is used to promote.

I don't think I can do much about the forms of abuse being found on twitter at present except express how strongly i condemn it. I can do something about the intolerance commonplace in the blogosphere.

So I will be strictly enforcing my comments policy. I promote transparency and accountability. So leave your name or at least what looks like a verifiable email address (and I do test them) or you won't be published.

And if you comment here but also comment favourably on blogs where abuse is encouraged or supported expect to be deleted as well even if your comment here appears reasonable. I am having a zero tolerance policy to those who embrace abuse.

The plus is the remaining comments will be all the more useful.

And please don't bother to appeal. Editorial freedom is a right too.

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