The trouble with billionaires is they’re greedy, manipulative, and worse

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I have, I think, mentioned the book "The trouble with billionaires" by Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks before. I've just finished it and strongly recommend it to those who want a good primer on many issues addressed on this blog.

One lovely quote from page 210:

When business interests insist that the path to freedom is through the limitation of social security - or that lower tax rates on investors will lead to economic growth for all - they don't take these positions because they are misguided , uninformed, or even because they believe them to be true. They take them because - to put it in philosophical terms - they are greedy, manipulative, bullshitters who are only concerned about maximising their own wealth and power, or those whose interests they serve.

Now I would not have written it quite like that. But I think it passes all the tests of plain English. And is correct.