Crass tweet of the day award goes to Stephanie Flanders

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Stephanie Flanders of the BBC wins the 'crass tweet of the day' award for this:

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For the record, the article she links to is here and claims that in an  Ipsos Mori poll that asked people whether they had personally noticed a change in the quality of their local services 65% said they had not. From this Flanders jumps to the above, absurd, conclusion.

Now in Flanders own cosy, rather secure, little world maybe she isn't aware of social services and what they do. Or of child protection services. Or social care for the elderly. But all these services are provided by councils and for a great many people cuts in these services are crippling. As Polly Toynbee noted this morning:

Care homes are going to the wall, unable to survive on the low sums that local authorities pay. Delivered by the underpaid and under-trained, home "care" is often no more than a 15-minute visit. One care worker told me it can only be done in the time if you feed someone while they sit on the commode. In the two years between 2010 and 2012 as social care was cut, the number of over-90s rushed by ambulance to A&E rose by 66%, with 100,000 extra elderly people admitted to hospital.

I can only presume Flanders has never come across anything like that.

If she had she would not have made so stupid a comment. But she did. Which says a lot about her perception of reality and the way she presents on the BBC.

Perhaps she should go to her library and do a little research. Except she may find it's shut. But I guess she doesn't realise that's a council service either.