I want the right pay for MPs. But let’s be clear, I want it for everyone else. That means getting rid of MPs who impose pay freezes.

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I've done rather more interviews than I expected today on the subject of MP's pay - and could have done more if I could have reached studios.

My point has been a consistent one: we are under paying MPs. The result is - as is far too obvious - that we are getting a class of politicians who all too often come from privileged backgrounds, go to Oxford,  move to a think tank, are supported by their parents, go into parliament, and have never once been exposed to real life beyond the Westminster bubble. No wonder we have such lousy politicians doing such a poor job for us - including imposing austerity and pay freezes when both are the absolute opposite of what we need.

I have said I want MP's paid £80,000 - about the average salary of a public sector chief executive - because I want people who have that sort of experience to go to parliament to help make the decisions this country needs. And I want them to do that job and nothing else - so that outside work and fees would simply be banned.

And, as I just said on Radio London, if MPs took that rise now - especially without banning outside work - I know that people will be angry, and rightly so if those very same people were responsible for imposing unnecessary austerity on the country, pay freezes on people and benefit cuts on millions. Of course they will be angry.

But anger is the precursor for change. There has to be that anger. People have to know first of all that at least some (too many, but by no means all) members of the current parliament are out of touch with reality and what real lives are like. And second to ensure we get the politicians we need who do know about real life people need to become politically engaged and they also have to fight for their own rights for decent pay, jobs and a social security system we can be proud of. Whinging and saying it's not fair won't solve that. Only action will.

I defend fair pay for MPs. But I want it for everyone else too. And to get the chance to say that several times today was worthwhile. I hope some people listend and realise change is open to them to bring about. Because I believe it is. And that means whilst I want the right pay for MPs I want it for everyone else too and  that means getting rid of MPs who impose pay freezes. My hope is others will realise that.