Seminal book on tax havens now available as free download

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I was really pleased to note this posting by Prof Sol Picciotto on the Tax Justice Activists Facebook page yesterday, so I share it here as I think many might find Sol's work of intererst:

I am very happy that my book first published in 1992, International Business Taxation, has now been published for FREE on the Tax Justice Network website, It obviously does not discuss current or recent issues, but it does cover in gory detail the historical development of international tax, and of tax havens and the system of evasion and avoidance, the efforts of the tax avoiders to neuter effective counter-measures, their campaign against unitary taxation in the 1980s, and many other topics.

For those who would like something more recent, there is a chapter on tax in my book Regulating Global Corporate Capitalism (2011), as well as one on the related issue of international finance, which includes discussion of the role of tax avoidance in helping inflate the financial bubble, leading to the crash. That book unfortunately the publishers will not allow me to make available free, but I am glad I persuaded them to release the rights of the 1992 book to me!

Sol's book is one of the seminal works on the whole tax haven issue. I warmly recommend it.