Big business’ love of tax havens is not going away

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As the Guardian reports:

The UK's 100 biggest public companies are running more than 8,000 subsidiaries or joint ventures in onshore and offshore tax havens, according to research published on Monday, raising fresh concerns about the full extent of corporate tax avoidance.

The figures, published by the charity ActionAid, show that only two of the companies listed on the UK's FTSE 100 have no subsidiaries in tax havens – while companies such as Barclays and Tesco own hundreds.

You could analyse this for hours - and maybe I will.

Or you can, alternatively say, as David Cameron did earlier this year, that these companies are without moral scruple.

And that's why we need a moral campaign against tax abuse.

And those who operate tax havens, starting with the Big 4 firms of accountants because of they weren't in havens large companies could not use these places.