Introduction to Illicit Finance, Financial Secrecy and Asset Recovery

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I'm teaching on this course so I thought I'd give it a final plug, although i gather it is already heavily subscribed:

For journalists in the developing world.

City University London
19 March 2013 - 22 March 2013

The Tax Justice Network and the Centre of Investigative Journalism at City University, London are offering journalists primarily from the developing world training in illicit finance, financial secrecy and asset recovery. Travel and accommodation costs in some cases will be significantly subsidised. Class instructions will take place in English.

Final call for applications - deadline Friday 11 January.
If you are interested in attending, please submit your application using this online form.

Course Outline

Over four days you will be shown how to investigate corporate accountsoffshore activity and corporate corruption. We will show you where to find documents, how to analyse them and other practical tools to help uncover financial secrecy.

A combination of hands-on training and guidance from senior practitioners will give you the basis to investigate financial corruption as well as offering the opportunity to network with other journalists. This course is aimed at practicing journalists who have an interest in investigating business and the flow of money. Experience in financial reporting is an advantage but not a prerequisite.

The structure of the course is close to being finalised but will follow the format below:

Day 1 The pillars of Offshore and Illicit Finance. Understanding the scale of the problem, the techniques used to avoid, evade and launder and policy responses and relevant institutions

Day 2 Technical Day: Reading accounts and financial statements

Day 3 Investigating: Practitioners take attendees through how they brought home investigations in developing and developed countries

Day 4 Developing attendees story leads and targeting investigations

If you are interested in attending, please submit your application using this online form. Deadline for applications: Friday 11 January.