I have sympathy with anyone wrongly accused. But it’s limited in the case of ANdrew Mitchell

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It does now look possible that Andrew Mitchell may have been falsely accused of some of the things he is alleged to have said in September.

And it certainly looks on the basis of last night's Channel 4 investigation that there are questions for the police and Police Federation to answer.

But let's not ignore the fact that Andrew Mitchell agreed he swore at a police officer for a pretty silly reason, which, no doubt, was motivated by his belief that he had a right to have rules bent in his favour.

And let's also not ignore the fact that quite a lot of what has happened appears to have emanated from bitter internal Tory feuds, some of which, no doubt, Mitchell fuelled.

And then let's remember Mitchell gets a right of redress through the media.

And he may get his job back. Many got no such right. Many are the subject of abuse from the very government he served and his programme's of abuse he wanted to drive through parliament. In that context I liked this comment from Jim Grundy on Think Left, today:

Dear Andrew Mitchell

It must be terrible having your reputation damaged, being subject to lies, slanders and deliberately misleading statements that ultimately lead to the loss of your job.

Welcome to the world of hundreds of thousands of public sector workers, those demonised and sacked by your Government.

I think that fair comment.