Boris Johnson: friend of tax cheats

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Boris Johnson told Andrew Marr this morning, when discussing Starbucks and tax avoidance:

"I cannot exactly blame the finance directors of these companies for doing their job."


 "Their salaries and livings depend on minimising the tax exposure obligations on their companies."

So, Johnson thinks it's fine, and even a duty, to avoid tax. He ignores the fact that right now tax is a zero-sum game. If cheating comnpanies do not pay someone else must, or services will suffer. So, he should be made to answer this question:

If you support tax cheating companies Boris, is that because you want ordinary, honest, people to pay it instead? Or would you rather cut services like education, health, law and order, defence and pensions?

He wasn't asked that question. But he should have been. And it's genuinely an either / or. Because asking honest ordinary people to pay more tax or suffer a loss of services is what political support for tax cheats now means.

And we know which side Boris Johnson is now on.