A few open questions for Jersey

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I gather that the higher echelons of power were pleased by my commentary on their press release on FTACA yesterday - which by some oversight they forgot to send to me direct - and so I thought I'd ask them a few follow up questions that seem to logically flow from their declaration of enthusiasm for full and open information exchange, with the USA alone. So let's try these:

  1. Has the OECD asked you to join the multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters, and if so, what was your reply?
  2. Has the UK asked you to move to automatic information exchange under the European Union Savings Tax Directive, and if so, what was your reply?
  3. Has the UK now asked you formally to give them a FATCA equivalent automatic information exchange system, and if so, what was your reply?

I'll happy to post any responses the powers that be in Jersey want to supply, in the interests of their commitment to transparency, of course.