UK Uncut hit David Gauke’s propaganda firmly on the head

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UK UNcut issued the following press release this morning in response to David Gauke non-sensical propaganda on tobacco smugglers who've jumped justice in this country this morning, saying:

PRESS RELEASE: HMRC's 'most wanted tax fugitives' a cheap gimmick


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Responding to HMRC's publication of a gallery of photographs of the people they consider to be the 'most wanted UK tax fugitives', Kat Templeton, spokeswoman for tax avoidance and anti-cuts direct action network UK Uncut said:

'HMRC claims to be chasing tax ’criminals’ whilst ignoring large scale tax dodging by the super-rich and corporations which costs the UK at least £25 billion every year. Asking the general public to hunt down individual tax dodgers is nothing more than a cheap gimmick. It is the government’s job to clamp down on tax avoidance.

If HMRC are compiling a list of the biggest tax dodgers in the country, it should include the likes of Sir Philip Green and the CEOs of Vodafone and Google and the other big corporations who avoid billions of pounds in tax every year.

Clamping down on tax avoidance and evasion by the super-rich offers a genuine alternative to the Government’s failed Austerity plan. Their cuts are not an economic necessity, they are a political choice and must be stopped now.’

Spot on.