Almost three years of paralysis to come

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There's almost three years of political paralysis on the cards if the current Coalition sees out its five year term, as it's promised to do. Why? Because, as the Telegraph reports:

David Cameron is to abandon plans to reform the House of Lords after failing to win over Conservative rebels.

LibDems are bound to react by blocking parliamentary seat reform (which was always a terrible idea, anyway). And the consequence will be political paralysis.

The price of that will be enormous. Not least because millions of people will remain unemployed when action should be taken to address the recession we're in. Precisely because the economy and the people who're suffering as a consequence of it haven't been the focus of attention, and Westminster shenanigans have been, we're now in a mess.

This is a victory for the small minded bullies of the right for which we'll all pay an enormous cost - unless you happen to be in the 0.1%.