The Green New Deal Group and the Euro Crisis

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It's shameful when I did not notice a letter from the Green New Deal group in the Guardian this morning:

Ed Balls and Peter Mandelson are right, the UK should take a central role in ensuring a future of sustainable growth for the EU, with the funding of infrastructure being centre-stage. The crucial question is what kind of infrastructure. To make Europe's future a "sustainable" one in an environmental sense will mean rejecting the usual old vanity projects of motorways, airports and high-speed trains. A really job-generating but green infrastructure programme would make all buildings energy-efficient, massively reduce use of raw materials through reuse and recycling, and improve regional transport networks. All this could generate jobs and business opportunities where people live, rejuvenate local economies and so eventually reduce public debt. If François Hollande and the Greeks' Syriza alliance also call for a shift from austerity to greener prosperity, this could at last result in the replacement of the sado-monetarist lunatics in charge of the EU asylum.
Colin Hines
Convener, Green New Deal Group