Osborne – the naked truth

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I think the Guardian very clearly shares my view of Osborne's budget - as their editorial in tomorrow's paper makes clear. I quote just a part:

"Voters got their first real chance to see whose side George Osborne is on. Two years into his tenure, the chancellor delivered a budget that was not about the big picture of public spending, nor the cratering of the economy. [And] he showed just who and what he thinks deserve the biggest handout; and the answer is a dismaying one.

Going by his budget, the chancellor — and by extension the government as a whole — thinks that the super-rich deserve lower taxes while pensioners should hand back more to the Treasury. He believes business ought to get a helping hand through lower corporation taxes, even while Britain's army of 2.7 million unemployed got barely a mention."

That's it.

So much for the Robin Hood budget Clegg talked about. This was the exact opposite - clearly massively redistributing wealth upwards.

The Tories have shown their colours on the NHS.

And now they done so again within 24 hours.

I reallyt do hope they have alienated the old as a result. Because they, of all people, have the power to swing the next election.