Blairite support for the Tories is working

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The Guardian has confirmed a trend spotted at the weekend - that Tory support has surged in the last week and Labour's has crashed.

Have the Tories done anything to win this extra support? Candidly, no.

But Labour did go out of its way to alienate its support. The completely bizarre move to the right - saying cuts were inevitable without saying how the issue of reversing that inevitability would be addressed a week ago - has horribly rebounded on the party, as any reasonable political thinker would have expected.

It is the job of the opposition to oppose.

And it is the opposition's job to put forward alternatives.

Labour's far right wing do on the other hand see it as their job to secure the continuation of the Blairite project and since Cameron is the heir as leader of that project it is obvious they are doing their utmost to keep him in power. They're clearly succeeding in their aim. I can see no other reasonable explanation for their actions. And I suspect they're rather pleased with themselves today.