Bevan’s Run – and the failed politics of NHS privatisation

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Clive Peedell is Co-chair of the NHS Consultants' Association and a member of the BMA Council and BMA Political board. He's also a first rate campaigner and thinker.

This week he's doing what he calls Bevan's Run - a five day marathon of 160 miles in 6 days from Aneurin Bevan's Statue in Cardiff to the Department of Health, Richmond House, Whitehall, London to protest against the Health and Social Care Bill and NHS privatisation. Please support him.

But that's not what this blog is about. As part of my weekend reading I read, with some pleasure, the first of what he says will be a three part analysis of why the politics and practicalities of NHS health market reforms have failed. There's a lot here that overlaps with what I have written in The Courageous State, but much more on top of that too.

I strongly recommend this to all who have concerns not just about healthcare, but market failure in general. The blog is long, ambitious and broad, but worth the effort.

And I'm very glad it's Clive and not me doing that run this week.