If Clegg thinks a general anti-avoidance principle will close the tax gap, he has to think again

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Nick Clegg has said this morning on Radio 4, and as now reported in the Guardian, that the Liberal Democrats intend to remain at the forefront of the battle against excessive executive pay, and  wants the budget to contain measures to clamp down on tax avoidance.

He said:

he was determined to target the "wealthy elite or large businesses that can pay an army of tax accountants that can get out of paying their fair share of tax. They treat paying tax as an optional extra in which they can pick and choose the taxes they pay." It left millions of hardworking families angered, he said.

But all he referred to as an answer was Graham Aaranson's general anti-avoidance principle - and that is only intended to tackle the most egregious of cases.

He's got to do a lot, lot better than that to close the tax gap of £95 billion.

If the Coalition is serious about this issue it should e talking to the Tax Justice Network now.