The Policy Network looks set on ending the Union and putting Labour out of office forever

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I'm aware I'm a day late on this one, but so what? The issue is important and won't go away.

The Guardian reported yesterday that:

Ed Miliband will lose the next election if Labour falls into a trap set by theConservatives and allows itself to be defined solely as the defender of public spending, one of the party's leading frontbench intellectuals has warned.

Gregg McClymont, the shadow pensions minister who is a former Oxford history don, writes in a new pamphlet that Labour will avoid the Tory trap only if it resists the temptation to appeal to its core supporters in the public services.

I confess I'd never heard of Gregg McClymont, and it's not a name to forget. And I have to say I doubt his intellect.

Of course Labour can forget its core vote and concentrate solely on playing Westminster neoliberal games for the benefit of the home counties elite as the Policy Network are suggesting. And it will lose Scotland for good if it does. And with the SNP so dominant north of the border that will mean the end of the Union - and with it any prospect of Labour victory ever again.

If that's what Mandelson and his friends want, so be it. But let's be unambiguous about the fact that they're demanding the end of the United Kingdom and the end of the Labour Party as an effective political force.  That, of course, may be their agenda. But if it is at least they should either admit it or they should start applying their intellects. Because right now they're not doing at least one of those things, and maybe both.