What’s the right word for whistle blowing?

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I retweeted a comment from an associate of mine from many years ago - chartered accountant Richard Morgan @richardDmorgan - yesterday. He said:

@RichardJMurphy#OsitaMba. Whistleblower - on a par with snitch. New word needed for an honest person with moral compass & conscience.

He's right. Osita Mba - the HMRC 'whistleblower' clearly does not deserve that title. As Osita's wife said in response:

@RichardJMurphy hear hear! 'leak', 'mole' also negative words. Make it seem like underhand actions. shouldn't apply to#whistleblowers

She's right too.

But maybe it's just that I'm tired, but I can't think of a better term as yet.

Any suggestion?