Tax justice campaigner Richard Murphy to speak at Occupy Norwich

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#OccupyNorwich have just issued the following press release:

Occupy Norwich continue their series of discussions on the crisis at 1pm on Sunday at their camp on The Haymarket with a visit by Norfolk-based anti-poverty campaigner and tax expert Richard Murphy.  All are welcome to attend and join in the discussion about the global economic crisis.

He is the writer of the No 1 economics blog in the UK, and the co-author of "Tax Havens: How Globalisation Really Works" and is due to have another book,"The Courageous State", published shortly.

He is a founder of the Tax Justice Network and is now the director of Tax Research LLP, carrying out taxation policy analysis for aid agencies, trade unions and pressure groups, and also a member of the Green New Deal Group, which advocates financial reform plus green spending on such things as renewable energy and home insulation to beat both the environmental and economic crises

On Sunday he will discuss his research on the 'tax gap', the difference between the tax that ought to be paid and the tax that is actually paid, with evasion, avoidance and simple non-payment amounting to around £120 billion per annum - easily enough to avoid all government cuts

Quote from Richard Murphy:

"The economic crisis has one cause - the tax gap. Collecting tax will be the solution"

See you there?