Let’s name those who may have decided to move #occupylondon on from St Paul’s

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The Dean of St Pauls has said that:

he had met members of the chapter that governs St Paul's on Thursday evening. As a result of that meeting, and reports received today from our independent health, safety and fire officers, I have written an open letter to the protestors this afternoon advising them that we have no lawful alternative but to close St Paul's cathedral until further notice.

Hmmm, let's see the sort of people who govern St Paul's. Of course there are the clergy. They're listed in here.

But the St Paul's Foundation gives more clue about who really influence things. It's trustees are:

Sir John Stuttard

The Right Reverend Graeme Knowles, Dean of St Paul's
Dame Helen Alexander DBE
Lord Blair of Boughton
Roger Gifford
John Harvey
Joyce Hytner OBE
Gavin Ralston
Carol Sergeant CBE
John Spence OBE

According to the Dean these are the people who will be replying to #occupylondon.

So let's see what they do:

Sir John Stuttard PWC partner, Former Lord Mayor of London.

The Right Reverend Graeme Knowles, Dean of St Paul's
Dame Helen Alexander DBE Deputy chair of the CBI, director of Centrica plc
Lord Blair of Boughton Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner
Roger Gifford Investment banker, big in City of London
John Harvey - Not clearly identified
Joyce Hytner OBE - Theatre director
Gavin Ralston Global Head of Product and leading international asset manager at Schroder Investment Management
Carol Sergeant CBE - Chief Risk Director at Lloyds TSB, formerly Managing Director for Regulatory Process and Risk at the FSA
John Spence OBE - Former Managing Director, Business Banking, LloydsTSB

Now it's not for me to judge.

But that looks like a very high association rate with the 1% to me.

And the St Paul's Foundation is going to provide an objective report on the protests in the City? I have my doubts.