Leaving the elderly to die in the streets

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I've just linked to a US video in which it is apparent that the audience want an uninsured 30 year old to die for the sake of his recklessness in not having health insurance and I suggested it would be three to five years before the Tories are saying the same thing here.

I believe that.

I believe it because I already hear stuff like this.

People; seemingly respectable, sensible people, often themselves retired, tell me (it happened this weekend) that "we have too many old people and we can't afford to keep them."

This is, of course, a Tory line; a line that demands people have private pensions.

I ask these people "So, what do you want to happen to the people who haven't got pensions, who can't afford to pay their way or to buy care? What do you want to happen to them? Are they to die in the streets?"

They look at me, bemused. They've obviously never linked the proposition 'we can't afford the elderly' with 'dying in the streets' before, but it's not far fetched to do so: one follows from the other.

And then they shrug and say "I don't know, but we can't afford pensions".

Well that's not good enough, because that means people will die on the streets.

And don't doubt people will vote for it: just watch that video of Tea Party people cheering on the death of a young man without medical insurance. Those are real people cheering for the imposition of real suffering.

It's sick, but make no mistake: this is what we're up against.