Just supposing no one new anything at News International because all the illicit payments were made offshore?

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Every director of News International seems to 'know nothing' about hacking.

Now I'm guessing here - and I stress that - but just suppose that was the case because all the payments in question were routed through offshore entities - located in what I and my colleagues who research these issues called 'secrecy jurisdictions'? That would have been entirely possible - and how convenient it would have been. And it's not as if it has not happened before in multinational corporations.

But if - and I stress if - that's the case then the reasons for demanding full accounts on public record for all companies within multinational corporations and full country-by-country reporting plus full accounts on public record in all jurisdictions around the world is confirmed as being one of the highest priority if corruption is to be eliminated.

And at the very least we have to know if this was the case, or not.