News International and tax havens

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I'm not usually much of a fan of Henry Porter but this is too appropriate to ignore:

It is now time for HMG to go after Murdoch and perhaps this is the moment to investigate the complex web of tax havens and offshore accounts that News International has used to avoid paying full tax in the past. I'd bet a month's salary that while NI papers have been urging austerity measures on the UK, the company has used every trick in the book to avoid its proper tax burden.

He's right.

But remember to add in Microsoft, Apple, Google, Cisco, big pharma, the extractive industries in general and many more whilst about it. Oh, and perhaps the Telegraph needs a look.

The corrosiveness of neoliberalism and the structures it has used to transfer resources to wealth is not limited to Murdoch's empire (although it is a prime example). We have to be aware that this is undermining the whole structure of society - not just one newspaper and one company.

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