Jesse Norma MP: the current economic situation might be as good as it gets

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Jesse Norman MP spoke along side me at an APPG meeting yesterday. He is, I would remind readers, a Tory MP and the author of a book called 'The Big Society'.

During questioning  the panel were asked about the current economic situation and I, of course, outlined ways in which a stimulus could be provided to ensure that we got out of recession.

Jesse Norman would have none of that.  Quite astonishingly  he suggested we might have to accept that the current situation is as good as things will get.  2.5 million unemployed people might be inevitable,  he implied. Falling  personal incomes  for the vast majority will be the legacy of this government. Ruined government services are our best hope:  he certainly  made clear he wanted more cuts.  Inevitably,  although he did not say it, corporate failure will continue.

And then he said that he did not recognise my description of the cowardly state and the need for the alternative: a courageous state.

Well  he might not recognise the cowardliness of his position, but I think it's my duty to draw it to the attention of others.