We can’t afford to support education but Tories give Boots £75 million

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The Education Maintenance Allowance to ensure sixth formers could aford to stay at school cost the UK £560 million a year. 600,000 students benefited. The Tories have axed it for all practical purposes.

Alliance Boots announced their financial results today.

They made pre-tax profit of £944 million.

But the government gave them a £75 million tax credit by cutting their tax rate. No strings attached. No benefit to the UK to be offered in return. No jobs to be created. They were just one of hundreds, maybe thousands of large companies to benefit in this way.

So we can afford to give £75 million to Boots, a Swiss controlled private equity operation - which will go straight to its wealthy investors. But we can't support education.

What sort of bankrupt economics is that?