There are no mysteries about poverty – Labour just has to want to deal with it

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Good for Polly Toynbee:

There are no mysteries about poverty, neither its causes nor its cures — which are more jobs, more money, more education and more Sure Start. What works has been studied by researchers for a hundred years. We know it all, and yet we grow closer in inequality to America and further from the rest of Europe. The government's astonishing trajectory of cuts means that, according to Professors Peter Taylor-Gooby and Gerry Stoker, by 2013 public spending will be a lower proportion of GDP in Britain than in the US.

The only great mystery is how to construct a politics where people trust that remedies will work and that wealth can be more fairly shared to the benefit of all. That requires a Labour party that itself believes it wholeheartedly, before it can start persuading others.

Bang on.

Labour lost this faith.

It's what the left is about.

Labour has to believe it, and deliver it.