An update on Manx Radio

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I blogged my concerns about comments made on Manx Radio yesterday.

I'd like to thank all those who offered support and who agreed that the suggestion made by an Isle of Man government employee that I be 'taken out' by an assassination squad was unacceptable.

I note that many commenting in the Isle of Man seem to think this a flippant issue.

So too did Stuart Peters, the person who made the comment. Following my complaint to Manx Radio he broadcast an apology at 13.20 today for his 'flippant comment' and made clear it did not represent the view of Manx Radio or the Isle of Man government.

The difficulty is, it was not a flippant comment. It was an argument he very deliberately constructed, on air, during a debate on the importance of investigative journalism and why the lack of it was leading to a lack of effective political opposition in the Isle of Man.

For that reason I have, after taking advice, reported the matter to the police in the Isle of Man. I will now leave them to investigate it.