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I didn't write this:

A number of people have complained that the troll or trolls (they may be the same person, and in any case are presumably paid operatives) are degrading the tone of the comments. I agree — I suspect that they’re responding to the growing readership of this blog despite their best efforts to drag it down by getting ever uglier. To be fair, some of the supportive comments have also gotten too ugly for the Times. So while there won’t be any banning of commenters, I’m going to try to delete comments whose tone goes over the line.

Paul Krugman did.

But I agree with it, entirely.

So far today I've had several comments needing deletion.

Some openly despised the poor.

Others suggested I needed medical help for thinking that the Tories might agree with Policy Exchange on the issue of benefits .

You bet I delete them.

It's necessary in support of the freedom of others to comment without fear.

Isn't it odd how so called libertarians from the right are so keen on using fear?