If you believe in equality please comment

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The government is undertaking an absurd exercise called the Red Tape Challenge.

It is biased against all regulation because, of course, they think that impedes 'competition' when it actually seeks to create a level playing field.

One of the consultations is on equality regulation. They say:

Equality regulations are designed to help ensure fairness in the workplace and in wider society. They include regulations and laws on discrimination and harassment.

You can find the Equality Act 2010 here

Tell us what you think should happen to this Act and why, being specific where possible:

Should they be scrapped altogether?
Can they be merged with existing regulations?
Can we simplify them — or reduce the bureaucracy associated with them?
Have you got any ideas to make these regulations better?
Do you think they should be left as they are?

Note the inherent bias in the questioning and their ordering.

If you believe in equality.

If you believe that regulation promotes equality.

If you believe regulation protects those who suffer from discrimination.

Please say so. Leave a comment on the government web site.