Half way to a redesign

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This blog looks different today.

The old design was tired - tired looking and tired in web terms. WordPress software demanded that things moved on, so move on they are.

The basic look and feel of the blog as it will now be apparent from what you're reading now.

That all is not quite right yet will be equally apparent. The blog will be down again tonight for further work to take place. I'm told this stuff is horrible - I have no clue why. There are limits to my ability!

But there's more to the redesign than just updating the visual impression. From tomorrow (I hope - depending on my able assistant's fatigue tonight) there should be a Twitter feed box in the right hand column. This will reflect a change in focus. I intend to use Twitter much more to highlight stories found elsewhere - and which will now appear only on Twitter and in the Twitter feed box. The blog itself will highlight my stuff in that case.

That saves time, gets the message out quicker, and diversifies the audience. I hope.

It also says, please get on Twitter and follow @RichardJMurphy.

Oh, and my considerable thanks to Clark Gascoigne for sweating midnight oil.