What did the States do to deserve its politicians?

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I loved this that arrived in my inbox from the FT this morning:

In a democracy people are supposed to get the politicians they deserve. Clive Crook asks what on earth Americans did do to deserve these

The article justifies the blurb. One short quote:

SomeTea Party supporters happily contemplate a shutdown of government at the end of this week, when the authority for federal spending expires, or some time next month, when public borrowing will hit the statutory debt ceiling. A shutdown would strengthen their hand in rolling back government, they think, and teach the White House a lesson. Some Democrats hope it will happen, calculating (correctly) that the tactic will explode in the GOP's face.

In short, with the US labour market at a turning point, whatever Congress can do to undermine confidence and add to uncertainty, it is doing. Just as the private sector shows signs of reviving, Capitol Hill is threatening to drag it back down.

What a shambles.

The trouble is far too many Tory MPs here now take their inspiration from the Tea Party. Not to put it too subtly, we have the same basket case ideas being trotted out by Tories here - flat taxes, slash all welfare payments, privatise the NHS, make everyone responsible for their own pension, etc., etc.

The Tea Party are seeking to destroy America.

Have no doubt some in the Tory party are seeking to do the same here.

The 1%have political support.

99% will have to reclaim their rights.

Neither the States or the UK deserve these people.