The government can’t be bothered about child poverty

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From Hansard, yesterday:

Kate Green (Stretford and Urmston, Labour):

Can the Leader of the House ensure that we have a statement next week on the Government's child poverty strategy? Under the Child Poverty Act 2010 the Government are required to publish such a strategy by tomorrow, yet in a written answer from the Minister with responsibility for disabled people earlier this week, I was informed that she has not yet even seen fit to appoint the commission that is intended to advise on such a strategy.

The reply?

George Young (Leader of the House of Commons, House of Commons; North West Hampshire, Conservative

The hon. Lady has made a valid point, which has been addressed in a written ministerial statement. I know that my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions will want to regularise the position as soon as he can, and I will ensure that he informs the House in the near future of how he proposes to do that.

Or in other words - the government does not care about child poverty.

Their actions tell of their sentiment.

And it's a shocking indictment of their priorities: cutting corporation tax for companies using tax havens matters. Children in poverty don't.

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