The uninformed are always with us. They’re called the British Chamber of Commerce today

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Recording ever government borrowing figures for February were announced today.

According to the BBC:

The British Chambers of Commerce said it was "important that the government perseveres with its tough approach".

However, it did offer a cautious warning.

"Such measures will not suffice on their own," said David Kern, BCC chief economist. "The strategy will only succeed if the austerity measures are backed by effective policies that enable businesses to create jobs and deliver growth."

I wonder if the BCC realise just how crass that comment is? They're asking the government to carry on with its cuts that are sucking money out of the economy at a record rate. And at the same time they're saying the government must deliver growth in demand and new jobs.

The BCC can have cuts or growth, but not both.

Surely they realise that by now?

And if not, shouldn't they take a course in economics? Not neoliberal economics - but the economics of Keynes that got us out of recession in the 30s and are the only thing that could do so again now.

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