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Tornado jets landed at RAF Marham a few minutes ago. I live on the flight path.

They never fly on Sunday night.

But this is war.

I explained to my children that they'd probably been bombing.

"Will people have died?" they asked.

"Probably" was the only fair answer.

They're horrified.

They need to be. The price of oil needs to be explained.

We didn't do this for the people of Zimbabwe. Or so many other countries.

Nothing forgives what Gadaffi is doing. And Labour and others (Cameron too - he's an arm's salesman, after all) must take responsibility for arming him. But can we really solve this from the air? And, as ever, what is the stated desired outcome? So how will we know when to disengage? And when we disengage - what then? Is there a plan?

Have we learned nothing from past experience? Or does Cameron hope for, and already need, his Falklands?

I still think the blunt reality on my children's faces - that war is happening for all practical purposes very near where they live - is something people need think about.

It will be even more real somewhere in Libya tonight.

Despite having been a Quaker for a number of years - and still being much in sympathy with Quakers - I am not a pacifist. But yet again I fear we are at ware without really knowing the reason because the goal is not known. And in that case I have considerable doubts about the validity, direction and legitimacy of this conflict.

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